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The Business Of Water And Droughts

Writen by Lance Winslow

Water is big business? No, it is a huge business. The business of water and droughts is alive and well. Currently we see pipeline for water being build, retention basins, damns, Desalination Plants and water rights being bought up by billionaires. In my professional life, I was involved with the car washing industry and we always kept up on droughts, water restrictions and water supplies. I can remember not to long ago when California car washes battled consumer backlash to price increases of up to five dollars by Oct. of 2000, due to water. Soon everyone was worried that water rationing might cause another tripling affect if increased water prices occurred.

States such as Texas are having people buy up water rights and talking about a sliding scale of $800 per acre-foot and El Paso at $1400 per acre-foot to deliver the water by pump. In the May 26 of 2001 issue of the Economist there was an article called "Pay up or dry up" talking about the problem in Texas as populations increase, business booms and water drying up. T. Boone Pickens is no dummy either having been caught buying up water rights and agreeing to buy water now at a predetermined price in the future from those water rights owners who do not wish to sell in Western Texas. I see someone else has been studying this supply side situation as well. Imagine cornering the lifeline to all major Western Texas cities; a much similar strategy was applied by US Filter in California. There is big business in life essentials. Without water in the desert you die. So as it becomes scarce, it increases rapidly in value. So with that known we in the car wash business became more efficient. If the water lifeline is cut off and one person controls the water rights, that person will send his advanced purchase prices into outer space in a few years. When these things happen businesses must be prepared to have their marginal costs increase and simultaneously lower them through deployment of water saving measures.

If you are in the water business or a business which uses water you will need to stay up on droughts, cycles, weather, politics and how these factors effect our civilization's water supplies.

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Team Building Lessons From The Modern Cave Man Part 1

Writen by Arthur F Carmazzi

In the beginning…

The caveman needed to survive. Man found safety in groups. It was not a matter of preference, it was a matter of necessity. If you were not a part of a group, your chances for survival were slim. Conformity to the majority became necessary to stay in a group and physical strength was the dominant factor for group leadership. Those who were strong and successful in the art of survival had the majority influence toward that conformity and only the strong challenged these leaders. If you challenged the leadership, you needed to be prepared to fight. And, if you lost, you were forced to leave the safety of the group and fend for yourself. The risk was great so there were few challengers and it became an ingrained survival response to gain acceptance from the group, so people just kept quiet.

It was a time of compliance!

…Then came the significance revolution

The caveman's brains got bigger and more developed. Individuals became torn between finding there own path and gaining there own recognition, verses conforming to the group. Physical strength was no longer the dominant factor for influence. Now, people could think! Survival was no longer the acquisition of food and shelter; it had become a fight of ability. The more intelligent you were (and able to apply it), the more valuable you had become. The more influence you could exert over others, the more powerful you became. We began to compete for significance trying to show others how important and able we are, and if they believed us, or in some cases feared us, we became even more important.

We created a civilization that needed to be right!

Then came the industrial revolution…

…and groups evolved into teams but the fundamentals of our survival instinct, our emotional evolution and the emotions that drive us were still there, and a major part of our psychology. Our ability to work at our peak in teams depended on the way these emotional drivers and understanding the dynamics they promote.

Today, the caveman has evolved and the awareness of our psychology has expanded.

We now seek better ways to improve our selves and our performance, but our caveman nature sometimes gets in the way. While our modern brain is influenced by numerous factors of emotional drive, the three that came from our caveman days are still central to our performance in teams:

The drive to belong The drive for security The drive to be significant

As with our caveman ancestors, our fear of loss is more important that our potential for gain. Loosing (or the potential of loosing) our sense of belonging or our sense of security or significance are materialize in caveman like reactions. These reactions are sometimes subtle.

Our caveman reaction for conformity is driven by our need belong and feel secure in the group, so we keep quiet and comply. And if we do challenge, we are probably depriving others of their significance or security, causing them to react to "protect" themselves. This can either escalate to greater conflict, or it may revert back to compliance and conformity to prevent conflict. Either way, these are still caveman reactions and are NOT useful to high performance teams.

The greatest obstacle to high performance is the caveman's reactions to loosing significance, in order for the caveman to be right, he must make someone else wrong, and that means, more caveman reactions from the other team members! And the worst part is that reality is not what matters, the caveman reacts on emotion without fact, and so "perception" influences reaction. When someone feels wrong, they feel less able; they may feel like they have less control and therefore are less secure, they react with aggression or submission out of dissatisfaction, and a lesser desire to cooperate affects their performance and the entire team.

So how do we get the caveman out of our teams so we can stop reacting and act like the evolved humans we have become, able to perform at the peak of our abilities?

There are 4 stages to our evolution into "awakened" team members

Each stage is a stage of awareness. It awakens our greater perception. But for it to be effective, the entire team has to take this journey. But there are consequences, once team members have awakened, they will never view teams again in the same way. They can never go back to the way it was and can never be satisfied with mediocrity. Each stage opens our eyes to the caveman within ourselves and others, and it lets us use the intelligent part of our brain to send this caveman back when he tries to invade our minds and body. Different team members may be at different stages in their evolution, where are you? These 4 stages are as follows:

Stage 1: Acknowledge the primitive caveman in you

Look at the behavior you have had in the past. How many times have you gone against your better judgment to "go with the flow"? Discover your need to belong to the group, to be accepted by your pears. How has this need manifested itself in your interaction with others? What has it prevented from achieving? Would your relationships Really be damaged if you expressed your views and opinions or confronted someone else's potentially bad decision, or is it possible you would gain more respect. As a leader, is it more important for you to be liked than to get the expected results?

By reflecting on the behaviors you have displayed in the past, and realizing the damage you are doing to your personal effectiveness and the effectiveness of those around you, you can see the primitive caveman for what he is. This is the first step in your evolution.

For the Second and Third stages, Please read Part 2

Arthur F Carmazzi is the principal founder of the Directive Communication Psychology and a renowned Speaker and Author in the Asian Region. For more information and articles, visit the Directive Communication website at: www.directivecommunication.com - Or, Email Arthur at: afc@carmazzi.net

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Buy Wholesale Products At Below Wholesale Prices

Writen by Fadhel Abdulla

Buying Whole Sale Products

Every successful business, big or small is based on the objective of profit. Every entrepreneur strives to buy low and sell high. In this article we will talk about the first half of the equation.. buy low.

A normal buying process in a corporate includes a myriad of buying sources for various requirements, not only the finished products, but also supplies and raw material etc. To keep it simple, we will consider a simple trading business, where no manufacturing or processing is involved, just buy and sell.

Sources of buying could include various sources like are manufacturers, distributors, agents, wholesalers, importers and liquidators. The decision regarding who to buy from stems from various requirements and reasoning criterion like price, product quality, reliability, warranty support, after sales service, terms of supply and fulfillment.

Wholesale Buying

Channels of distribution have evolved immensely and the process is still going on. There was a time when all steps in the product distribution cycle right from the manufacturer to the customer were considered important. Each of these steps involved a markup on the price to keep the margin for the entity handling the product, greatly enhancing its price. In a bid to reduce these markups, it has been seen recently that the steps have become overlapped and myopic. Irrespective of what steps have been bypassed, the objective remains the same, to get the products to the retailer at the minimum price. The wholesale buying sources thus have reduced to wholesalers, liquidators, and importers. Buying form these sources, you are actually buying from a discounted retailer. A lot of confusion is avoided when we see lot of internet advertising claiming wholesale prices; they are not wholesalers but discounted retailers. The evidence, lies in the fact that when you buy from a legitimate wholesale source, you will be asked for your sales tax ID.

Wholesalers: The first option is to buy from a wholesaler that stock your class of merchandise. The process is simple, just open an account and start buying. It is advisable that you open more than one account with different wholesalers to take advantage of price fluctuations and various schemes they offer from time to time, moreover, you have more sources, if the stock runs out with one wholesaler.

Liquidators: Buying merchandise from liquidators will be the cheapest wholesale source for new merchandise. Liquidators are different from wholesalers or distributors in the act they do not stock the same item consistently. They normally purchase form various sources that include off-season supplies, slow moving goods end-of-run products and goods from bankrupt traders. As a result, they have more variety.

Importers: Importers are one of the best sources of new products at wholesale or lower prices. Importers are normally product or industry specific. Importers of general merchandise are not very common. Importers normally work with large volumes and may tend to refuse low volume buyers.

Manufacturers: Another important and cheap buying source is manufacturers that include farmers, craftspeople and growers.

Factory direct: By far the cheapest source to buy goods, since it does not involve any intermediaries like agents, distributors or wholesalers. Buying factory direct for a small trader is not easy since manufacturers look to selling volumes. However, since the advent of the internet, this has become an easier process, to buy any products from anywhere direct from the manufacturers.

Certain issues like fair price, product quality, supplier reliability, terms of purchase need to be sorted out before moving on to buying through the internet.

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A Simply Stupid Plan For Your Success

Writen by Eric Smith

Consistant, honest effort will always lead you to a successful outcome in internet marketing! The goal may not be achieved in the time frame that you would like, but it will always come if you have belief and patience in the message of your ad campaign. Look aroung you, nothing of importance was built or constructed over night; and, if it was, then it will be gone over-night, just as fast. Never give in to the fast buck, 6-weeks to success, 3 months to #1, or any other almost instant success program or format. It may take you 3 or more months just understand the magnitude of what it takes to become a successful internet marketer. Creating a plan of what you must do everyday is vital to success. It is a road map to keeping your website in a favorable position to be seen when the real shoppers click through your ad links.

Besides making sure your website functions like it should, a straight-forward plan is easy to create.

1. check for new orders.

2. check site statistics.

3. read email.

4. prepare the days ad copy.

5. send ad emails.

6. locate a reciprocal link partner.

7. locate a no cost advertising avenue.

8. S.O.S.

9. write an article and post.

No plan is the same, but ALL plans keep you focused on what to do. If you want to succeed, then you have to follow a plan, either your own plan or somebody else's plan.

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Eric Smith

Webmaster to: http://www.on-line-associates.com

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Renting Furniture As A Practical Option

Writen by Todd Lange

High prices of furniture and office equipment are the most common obstacles any start up or home-base business face. With the current trend of setting up home businesses, it is still important to maintain a degree of functionality and professional appeal to your home office. After all, clients might want to meet with you at your office and you surely don't want them to see you slump in your kitchen chair. They may not want to close deals on the counter top or the kitchen table. They surely cannot wait until your city office has been fully set-up and furnished. Buying furniture is only a practical option if you intend to keep your business at home forever. But if you're waiting for the set up of your true office and want to keep doing business at home for the meantime you might want to try furniture rentals, furniture leasing, and equipment rentals.

There are certain advantages to furniture rentals, furniture leasing, and equipment rentals. First, no large payments. You get to minimize expenditures if you only plan to rent the item for short periods. This is an especially good option for renting audio-visual equipments for home presentations or an extra computer while yours is still being fixed. Also, you can use top quality equipment for minimum rent. A high grade equipment which you could not normally afford for your own office can be rented for a fraction of its cost for a period of time. Second, you have the unlimited access to the machine or furniture for the period you rent it. You don't have to worry about moving it in with you come relocation time or finding a buyer that can give you a good deal. Third, business usually get easier credit for renting or leasing an equipment than for purchasing it. Because the financing company or leasing company maintains the ownership of your furniture or equipment, there is a lower need for additional forms of security. This translates to higher acceptance rates.

When you consider buying larger articles for furniture or office equipment you risk incurring payments or loans amounting to thousands of dollars. This will put a huge dent on your credit limit. With the proliferation of furniture rentals, furniture leasing, and equipment rental shops in the market and online, renting or leasing furniture and equipment is a viable and practical option.

For more valuable information on furniture rentals and furniture leasing, please visit http://www.furniture-rentals.net

Building Passive Income

Writen by Chris Rohrer

So you are looking to build passive income. We all would like to work from home, and live the high life. However most of us fail to do just that. That's why we spend countless hours searching online looking for that perfect business or program that claims to be "The One".

The truth is nothing is going to work for you in less YOU put some type of work into it. I would like to just point out that there is no easy way to make money online, and there is NO such program out there that will make you money while you sleep! Sure you can make money while your sleeping but it WON'T be from some program. It will be because you put hard long hours in building up your new business, so that is runs while you sleep.

So is it at all possible to earn passive income online? Yes it really is. Again though YOU must be willing to work at it. Sure you will have to spend money, and work a few hours a day. That goes with any job you will ever get. Its just a matter of how much money you can afford to get things rolling, and how much "serious time" you can put into working your new business.

So how does someone start to build passive income then? Simple, you have to find a business that you can trust, and that you know for sure will work. I know it sounds hard, but trust me they are out there. I run a few of them myself.

Once you find this business you must then build it in such away that it continues to grow so that in the long run you have to ALMOST and I stress ALMOST do nothing.

I have been running a few programs, and business's for a year now, and I still need to work each one of them for a couple of hours each day. However when I first started I had to do a lot more work, and it was a lot harder. If you can just get over the bump in the road you will find your self well on your way to building passive income online.

For more information on how you can build passive income online, and start to make profits today visit Building Passive Income

Chris Rohrer works online, and makes a full-time income from home. He has been helping others do the same for over a year. To learn his Little Internet Secret that has been making him money visit My little Internet Secret for more information.

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Medical Billing Gu0 Record Fields 66 Through 68

Writen by Michael Russell

Even though we're only a few fields away from the end of our segment on medical billing and the GU0 record, these last few fields are so complex and confusing, that the explanations of how to fill them can get rather lengthy. We've tried to simplify this series so that it's at least a little easier to understand than the DMERC manual, which was most likely written for literary geniuses. In this installment of our electronic billing series and the GU0 record, we continue our review with field number 66.

GU0 field 66, positions 282 - 285, is Reply NUM L04 N05. This field is the reply to the fifth question on any DMERC certification requiring a four position numeric response. The following forms are supported for this field. For form 01, the valid responses are 0000 - 9999. For form 04, the valid responses are 0001 - 0099. For form 10, the valid responses are 0000 - 0007. No other forms are supported.

Form 01 is the maximum width in centimeters of the ulcer number two. Form 04 is the number of months prior to getting the device that the patient had a fusion surgery that failed. Form 10 is the days per week that lipids are administered.

Form 01 is question number 21.F. Form 04 is question 10.C. Form 10 is question 4.G.

GU0 field 67, positions 286 - 289, is Reply NUM L04 N06. This field is the reply to the sixth question on any DMERC certification requiring a four position numeric response. The following forms are supported for this field. For forms 01 and 10, the valid responses are 0000 - 9999. For form 04, the valid responses are 0001 - 0099. No other forms are supported.

Form 01 is the maximum length in centimeters of the ulcer number three. Form 04 is the number of months prior to getting the device that the patient had a fusion surgery that was multi level. Form 10 is the calories per day.

Form 01 is question number 21.H. Form 04 is question 11.B. Form 10 is question 11.

GU0 field 68, positions 290 - 293, is Reply NUM L04 N07. This field is the reply to the seventh question on any DMERC certification requiring a four position numeric response. The following forms are supported for this field. For form 01, the valid responses are 0000 - 9999. No other forms are supported.

Form 01 is the maximum width in centimeters of the ulcer number three. Form 01 is question number 21.I.

One word of note about the form question numbers. These forms are regularly updated by the AMA. It is critical that you have the correct version of the form, which will have a date on the form itself. Please make sure that date matches the date that is posted on the carrier web site.

In our next installment on medical billing of electronic claims, using NSF 3.01 specifications, we'll pick up our review of the GU0 record with field number 69.

Michael Russell Your Independent guide to Medical Billing